Case Study • The Tennis Bros

Revolutionising the Tennis Experience Online


The Tennis Bros project began as a collaborative effort with two passionate tennis enthusiasts and brothers who sought to transform their love for the game into an informative and interactive online platform. Their vision was to create a space where tennis players of all levels could not only enhance their skills through online courses but also access in-depth equipment reviews and personalised product recommendations.

The Brief

Their primary goal was to develop a comprehensive website that seamlessly integrated an e-learning platform with eCommerce capabilities. Key requirements included a Learning Management System (LMS) for hosting online courses, an intuitive system for equipment reviews, and a custom racket fitting service to cater to players’ styles and abilities.


The Solution

Embracing this vision, we crafted a bespoke WordPress theme tailored to the needs of tennis enthusiasts. The site featured LearnDash integration for a robust and user-friendly online learning experience, coupled with WooCommerce for streamlined product sales and recommendations. Special attention was given to creating custom pages that aligned with the overall website theme, ensuring a cohesive and engaging user journey.

The Client

The Tennis Bros stands out as a premier online destination for tennis players seeking to improve their game. From comprehensive online courses and detailed equipment reviews to custom racket fittings, the site offers an all-encompassing resource for tennis enthusiasts worldwide.


Sports / E-learning



Website Design, Website Development, Learning Management System Integration, WooCommerce, WordPress Development

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