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Professional Insights on Muscle & Joint Pain


I was contacted by the founders of ATL Physio during the early stages of their business development. They envisioned creating a user-friendly online platform where individuals suffering from musculoskeletal pain or injuries could easily self-diagnose and access professional advice. The goal was to create an interactive, engaging online space that could guide users on their journey to recovery.


The Brief

ATL Physio’s primary objective was to develop an intuitive and informative website. The site needed to offer easy-to-understand, professional advice on musculoskeletal injuries and pain, and integrate interactive features for self-diagnosis. They aimed to strike a balance between professional healthcare guidance and an approachable, user-friendly experience.


The Solution

To meet ATL Physio’s needs, we developed a comprehensive website with a focus on user experience. Key features included an interactive body map for pain and injury location, detailed and accessible information on various conditions, and integrated online booking for physiotherapy sessions. The design was clean and modern, with an emphasis on ease of navigation. We also integrated an e-commerce section for recommended products, along with a learning management system for online courses.

The Client

ATL Physio is a pioneering website providing expert advice on musculoskeletal injuries and pain. The site features a user-friendly body search tool for symptom diagnosis, offers online physiotherapy appointments, and hosts a variety of products and educational courses tailored to pain management and recovery.





Website Design, Website Development, Learning Management System Integration, WooCommerce, WordPress Development

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